Fresh and Nutritious Food

Green Vegetable Beds in our field

We at Squirrel Farm love fresh food! It is an amazing experience to taste a lettuce that we had just taken from the field a short time before serving it!

All food suppliers try their best to provide fresh product to the consumer. We learned that the lettuce you get in the supermarket is typically on the shelf within 3-4 days after harvesting but can, with the right treatment, be sold for up to 4 weeks!

Buy Fresh

We are going to harvest fresh just before we bring it to our selling point. For lettuce for example that will mean it is freshly cut and washed that morning. The more robust root vegetables will be harvested the day before and stored cool over night.

Buy Natural

Naturally grown vegetables! Yum! Although we acknowledge that for large productions some extra control of weeds and pests might be necessary, in our small-scale production we can use many natural aids to produce a healthy, strong product. No herbicides, no pesticides, no artificial fertilizer! Read more ..

In our opinion there is not enough independent research done to prove that certain herbicides, pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are not damaging to our health and the environment.

Our approach includes the ‘Stale Seedbed Technique’, row covers, inter cropping, companion planting, crop rotation, to name just a few. We like to work with nature not despite nature. It is much easier this way too!

Buy Local

We are now located in the beautiful Peace Region of Northern Alberta and are going to bring our produce both to Manning and Peace River. We are also offering a CSA program for both locations. Please check it out under Community Supported Agriculture.

What we sell

We are going to provide a good variety including Kale, Swiss Chard, Green Onions, Turnips, Peas, Beans, Lettuce, Spinach, Carrots, Tomatoes, Peppers, Cabbages, some Herbs, Potatoes, and many more.

Everything we sell is grown on our land.